Individual Reflection (Koo Bing Han)

Day 1
(A) -> Plenary Sessions

1) Session: Importance of Water - Dirty and Clean

I learn the that there are two different types of water. The good water and the bad water. I learn about the importance of water and why we should not take clean water for granted. Many developing countries now current still might not have clean and fresh water to use.

2) Session: Revolution of Microelectronics Technology
I realized that Singapore is the heart of Asia due to its unique and special location. This gave Singapore a very good chance to have a good revolution of microelectronics. There are nine different O's that are extremely important.
-> Bio
-> Radio
-> Auto
-> Info
-> Nano
-> Water -> H2o
-> Audio
-> Video
-> Energy -> m.c2 -> m.c two

3) Session: Biomedical Engineering and Technology
I learnt that there are three types of Tech in this category. They are the Nano-Tech, Bio-Tech and Defence-Tech. These there tech are all parts of Nano Science / Nano Technology. Nano Technology also have an important thing they will need to follow. Smaller size for a fixed volume = Large Surface Area. Currently, Nano Tech has been trying to achieve Target Delivery in their Human Health's portion.

4) Session: IT for Animation
I didn't really learn a lot from this session even though there as some very good phrase. 'Everybody can be an inventor' is one way to say that people who thinks themselves to be not a inventor, can actually be the best inventor though he/she might not know that they themselves can be.

5) Session: Disappearing glaciers, rising sea levels, and why gravity is even more important than you think
Gravity is affected by more factors than we think there are. What i thought last time was that gravity affects the sea level rise and fall. There was actually more than that. Gravity on Earth is not always constant throughout the entire Earth. There are some areas where the gravity is more than average, and also there are some areas where gravity are lesser than average.

The video on the right shows the earth gravitational pull at different area throughout 7 years. ->

(B) -> Deepest Impression...

The plenary session that left the deepest impression on me is the last one. The one about the many things we don’t know about gravity. This session left the most impression on me because it let me understand more about the planet we are all living on and also how it works, changes and interacts with us.
Day 3 -> My Personal Reflection

Question: I choose this project because...
1) I have chosen to do this project is not really by the heart. This was actually my last resort project as I have 3 projects lined up in front of it. Sadly, those project were full and thus, leading me to this project. Even though it was not chosen by the heart, I still feel that this project is interesting. It lets us understand more about programming and how we can create our own games.

Question: My role in the group...
2) In my current group of two, I am suppose to be the one doing the keynote slides and partially, the programming.

Question: Challenges I/we encounter when working on this project in the last 2 days... and how I/we overcome these challenges...
3) A lot of challenges surfaces during our last two days activity. All of them actually come from day 2, when we are doing our projects. The very first one was when I was individually doing the training. I start to not able to cope with the instructor but luckily those trainers that were walking about came to the rescue. They got me back on track and continue with the training. Another one was during the group work. We encounter two problems. They are the physics not working correctly and also, the need to reset the object position. Upon solving the problems with the trainer, we encounter another problem. This time, the ‘Try Again’ button is not working at all. With three problems in hand, we were panicking a little as the day is ending soon. Using our last resort, we change the edited code back to the original one. Two problems was temporary solved as the physics was immediately working again and the resetting of objects position.

Question: Through this project, I/we discover...
4) Through the entire project, I discovered that programming games (especially the coding part) was not as easy as I think it is. I also discover that I don’t really have potential in programming codes.

Question: As an individual, how I have benefited from this programme...
5) As an individual, I have been benefitted from

Question: My Aspirations...
6) My aspirations are to have